PE-1-F-1F & PE-2F & PE-2.5F-1F


Little Giant - Submersible Pumps So many machines water transfer or re-circulation - water displays - and machine tool coolants 



Little Giant PE-1.5-MDI-SC - leak-proof, seal-less magnetic drive for submersible water transfer - water displays - tool machine coolants 

Model 1


Little Giant 'Model #1 oil filled - direct drive water transfer or re-circulation, and water display pump 



Little Giant 'Parts Washer' Pump 

Submersible for pumping unheated metal parts cleaning solvent -  

UL classified as PJQU 

Cast aluminum housing - IP 68

Regarded the best in the business



Little Giant 'Parts Washer' Pump...for 'aqueous' (water) solutions - UL listed solvent 1/40HP epoxy-encapsulated motor 

NK-1 & NK-2

NK-1 & NK-2.webp

Little Giant  oil -filled - direct drive

submersibles for water transfer, recirculation - water displays - machine tool coolants & mild acids

2E-38NY & 3E-12NRY & 4E-34NRY

2E-38NY & 3E-12NRY & 4E-34NRY.webp

Little Giant oil-filled - direct drive submersible pumps

So many applications...water transfer - water displays - machine 

coolant tools...NOTE series 3 are both 'in-line' or 'submersible'

Series 2 & 3 are Submersible only



Little Giant 'Bottom Pick-Up'

submersible epoxy encapsulated - direct drive...used in water transfer - machine tool coolants...widely used in removal of asbestos work 

5.5-ASP Cast Iron Sump

5.5-ASP Cast Iron Sump.webp

Little Giant Cast Iron Submersible Sump Pump - used in basement seepage removal - water transfer or recirculation, water displays and machine tool coolants

6-CIA Cast Iron Sump

6-CIA Cast Iron Sump.webp

Little Giant Cast Iron Automatic Submersible Sump Pump

Basement seepage removal - water transfer - high removal rate

365 Pony Pump & BPLA

365 Pony Pump & BPLA.webp

Little Giant 12 volt DC water transfer pump - compact size

non-submersible and submersible

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