Refrigeration And Hot water Pumps

CRCP-76-IP65 Commercial

Refrigeration Cabinet Pump


The CRCP-76-IP65 ... was designed for our harsher some of these commercial refrigeration cabinet pumps go into some far away places where servicing can be two days drive away!

The 'seal' on the dry side is the best...with an Ingress rating of 65...miles ahead of anything else!

It has a Little Giant pressure pump to give it real muscle!

PH-2L-HW & PH-3-8L-HW

Hot Water Pumps


The PH-2L-HW and the PH-3-8L-HW  high temperature tank pumps are manufactured from heat resistant plastic to withstand temperature up to 100°C  

These 2 models are so cost effective and perform so well  where a humidifier or crack unit need a great reliable removal pump...and they come with a Check Valve already screwed in.

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