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UV-c scientifically proven to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacterial, destroying the DNA through germicidal irradiation.



…and our close association with the Blue Diamond Pump team…and their Medical and Scientific Divisions (BlueScience) of the parent company…Charles Austen Pumps - UK.

Together they have developed the "UV DISINFECTION SYSTEM"…using powerful LED UV-c technology…which is scientifically proven to kill 99.9% of viruses…including coronaviruses…and bacteria by destroying their DNA through 'Germicidal Irradiation’…

As you would know…UV irradiation technology has been used successfully for decades taking out the impurities in water to make water safer for drinking around the world…and in fresh foods…UV irradiation has increased shelf life and in killing microorganisms.

So…UV irradiation works…it works so well that we just take it for granted today…

In America they moved to UV irradiation of ‘air’ years ago in commercial areas…but the UV 'bulb and ‘fluorescents’ technology…is good…but bulbs only last a year and fluorescents two…so they need constant replacement…and are tricky to install!

Whereas the BlueScience technicians have gone with the longer life ‘UV - LEDS’…assuring a much lower power consumption…and so much easier to install as the BlueScience UV DISINFECTION SYSTEM uses a UV-c LED adhesive flexible strip to secure.


The ‘UV DISINFECTION SYSTEM' will give your business clients and home owners…added ‘peace of mind’ when you let them know that all you need do to give them this added air cleansing safety…is to simply retrofit the ’system’ into their existing A/C unit.

...and it will take you just 15-20 minutes to install…that’s how easy it is for you.

So, you achieve an added cash flow … and your client receives ‘peace of mind’…and for businesses there is a sign to show at entry that their business has this ‘air cleansing’ system inside…so people can enter knowing that the business has gone out of their way to give added ‘air disinfection’ to protect them…and just lower the stress levels…so it is a ‘win - win’ all round!



UV-c scientifically proven to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, destroying their DNA through germicidal irradiation.

Blue Science utilises the disinfectant properties of UV-c light to convert an air-conditioning unit into a powerful air purifier. Warm and contaminated air is pulled in through the top of the unit, where it is then cooled via the unit’s cooling coil. BlueScience immerses the air around the cooling coil in UV-c light, sanitising it during the process. The cool air is then dispensed by the air-conditioning unit free of virus, bacteria, moulds and odours into the room.


Air Flow & UV-c radiation points


This is a representation of the airflow on a Mini Split AC unit, each of the purple dots represents a UV-c LED. At the top of the AC unit, as the warm air gets drawn into the unit it flows past a row of LED’s that radiate UV-c – anything in that air flow is subject to UV-c exposure.

The 2 row of LED’s closer to the drain pan will help maintain a clean environment in the drain-pan and lower evaporator which is another well-known ‘nasty’ area - this area can be maintained by adding the Pro-Kit.

The standard Kit compromises of 2 main components. The LED Driver and a 700mm UV-c LED strip, we include 500mm extension cables in the box should the LED Driver need to be mounted remotely in the ceiling void above the AC unit however it’s compact size of 165x20x30mm lends itself incredibly well to fitting inside the Mini Split unit. Wiring and placement of the LED Driver can be identical to that of a condensate pump. Below is a picture of the LED Driver so you can gauge how compact it is. We have mounted the LED driver and it fits with ample space beneath the drain pan and fridge pipes.

LED Driver Size

165 x 20 x 30mm


How to Install: Once the LED Driver is installed you can then route the cabling for the LED Strip Light, this is easily done and can be retro-fitted to a pre-installed A/C unit by slightly lifting the Mini Split away from its mounting bracket and feeding the cable in through from the back, if any plastic ducting is fitted then it becomes even easier as you can just feed the cable along the same route as the fridge pipes. All cable connectors have been deliberately over moulded and are robust enough to channel and push through tight gaps without the risk of becoming damaged.

Once the cable is routed you mount the UV-c LED strip. The LED UV-c strip has adhesive tape on the back. By simply peeling this off and sticking the strip onto the inside of the Mini Split casing all that’s left to do is push the connectors together and re-mount the Mini Split casing.


By advising your business clients of this new layer of air safety … you are giving business owners a very valid way of securing their valued staff and the people coming into a confined space…that this business has taken this extra step to safe-guard their wellbeing in installing this ‘UV-c irradiation system’ to kill off bacteria and viruses by killing the DNA of these airborne nasties…plus all year round allergies like asthma - hay fever – influenza strains…and even indoor odours!


Well…here are just some business types who will be wanting you to install the ‘UV Air Disinfection System’…

Many…you would have the names of on your files … so they already know how good the service is you provide...

Aged Care Homes - Hair Salons - Cafes - Medical Centres - Offices - Bars - Dental Clinics

Restaurants - Gyms - Fast Food Outlets - Liquor stores - Pharmacies - Retail Stores

….the list goes on and on …plus of course the family home or apartment living clients …



In the ‘UV Air Disinfection System’ pack there is a distinctive sign for the business owner to stick onto the entry area so as all will know on entering the confined space…that the business has gone out of its way to assure the clients/customers … that they are taking all precautions as possible to make people feel a ‘peace of mind’ that the air is sanitised of bacteria and viruses …safe clean fresh air on entry….

Please take a look at the ‘UV Air Disinfection System’ on our website:

If you wish to follow this further and desire more information on how to install as we have a ‘step-by-step’ install sheet to guide you…and an install will take between 15 to 20 minutes…it is that simple!

...and of course pricing…

Please...will you email us:

There are two models in the ‘UV-c LED Air Sanitising System'

1) For A/C Wall Splits … use the ’Standard’ - consists of the ‘Driver’ (transformer) and an 18 x UV-c LED strip with adhesive backing for ease of install.

2) For Fan Coil Units (FCU) up to 22kW … use the ‘Pro Kit’ with a 30 x UV-c LED Strip …and plug into the ’Standard’ giving you 48 x UV-c LED germicidal irradiation with adhesive backing for ease of install.

CRITICAL IMPORTANCE: 'UV-c LED' irradiation…in installing you must use UV protective eyewear.

RELEASE DATE: December 1, 2020

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