Terms and Conditions





ORDERS: You can purchase by coming into our showroom - sending an email or fax order or over the phone... but please be sure you have the correct model as we cannot accept a return (a) If the pump has been used or attempted to be installed or marked in any form (b) the packaging is damaged-scruffed up - squashed or marked or if parts or info sheets missing.

RE-STOCK FEE: Should you need to return and the above is followed... there will be a 15 PERCENT re-stocking fee (not including the gst component)... and another model purchased as the replacement pump.

However there is a 5 working day expiry on this from the purchasing invoice date... and/or it must be within the same month of purchasing.

DELIVERY: Should you require Pumpmates Australasia to deliver... you must supply a full detailed address whether it be to your office and especially to a work-site...the address, the buildings name, delivery point and a contact on-site and this persons mobile number.

Pumpmates cannot be held responsible if you have not provided sufficient delivery address details for the courier driver to deliver... remember please... these drivers are busy also.

AFFIXED LABELS: There is one label that 'must never' be removed or disfigured... the manufacturers serial number. Without this label attached any possible warranty on a pump is immediately voided. It is wise to leave all other labels on for our contact and pump details.

WARRANTY: The instruction sheet will advise you the warranty period of the product and this is taken from the invoiced date of the purchase.

If you have a concern re-a pump contact Pumpmates immediately and we will email/fax you an R.A.N. (Return Approval Notice) which will need to be completed and returned with the pump within 7 working days of R.A.N. notification date.

Return the entire pump unit (if a suction lift condensate pump we need you to return both the pump and reservoir sensor unit... if a pressure tank pump, return the pump and the controller) If you need to return by sending the pump it is a must you use a courier or by registered mail so as there is a tracking number should the return fail to arrive.

WARRANTY REPLACEMENT: If the pump is manufactured by Little Giant or is a Blue Diamond or Maxi Blue pump, Pumpmates is able to determine whether the problem is covered by warranty or not and have an answer for you usually the same day. If it is an Aspen pump... we need to send the pump to an Aspen technician for assessment... this can take approx 3-5 days. Other pump makes... please enquire... usually 3 days to 7 working days.

If a pump is covered under warranty we will have a pump ready for pick up or have couriered to you immediately... with a huge 'sorry' for the inconvenience to you.


PURCHASING: If you know what pump you require... terrific.

If you are replacing a pump... try to bring in the pump or at least write down the information that should be on the info label on the pump... this will help enormously.

If you wish Pumpmates to advise you on a pump... you 'must' give us 'all' the information in how you are going to use the pump and is the pump being attached to a spillway, a type of stand alone water feature, in a pond etc... and the vertical lift you require, the horizontal run of piping and possible elbows or bends in the water line. Will there be fish and what type, will there be vegetation in the reservoir/trough or pond... all these 'little things' can alter dramatically what pump you may require.

We will try to help... but we can only go on the information you provide us with... so please always think it through and tell us all that you are wishing to do... and all will be fine.


IMPORTANT: If you intend to have fish or vegetation in your reservoir, pond etc.

The pump maker will insist that you use a filter to help the pump.

In not using a filter in such a case the pump maker will void warranty.

If you are needing to remove the plug on a 240v pump... so as you can seal the cable in a reservoir wall... do so right at the plug connection to the electrical cable.

Pump makers will be concerned 'if' the cable is cut nearer the pump... possibly suggesting the cable was damaged. Right or wrong... play it to your advantage... and cut at the plug.

RETURNING: We can only accept back into stock a purchased pump that has not been used is not marked or part(s) missing or damaged. All instruction paperwork and the packaging totally unmarked and not scruffed up - or squashed in appearance.

Plus... in returning a pump it is critical that you have the invoice for the pump with you.

If returned in a different calendar month from the date of purchase a 15 PERCENT Re-Stock Fee will apply (excl gst)

AFFIXED LABELS: Do not remove a makers serial number (If on the pump model) this will void warranty.

WARRANTY: The warranty period is from the date of the Pumpmates Australasia invoice.

Should you find fault with the pump within that time... return the pump immediately.

It is most likely we will be able to 'test' the pump within 24hrs and report back to you.

If it is in the warranty period please bring in your invoice with the pump.

If a manufacturing fault is found... a replacement pump will be given with a smile.

In some cases, such as on Oase pumps and our Italian made pumps... warranty may take 3-5 days working days as Pumpmates is not authorised to cover warranty... the pump makers representative will.

On Pondmate Pumps... we are able to cover warranty.

There is one point I would like to stress... reading such a policy as this is very black and white.

So, I want to tell you... you are dealing with real people who in their own lives have had warranty issues. We do understand how frustrating this can be and will always be honest and fair in our service to all clients.