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Ice Making Replacement Pumps

Firstly, let us show you our 'real' ice making replacement pump.  Little Giant manufacturer a model that covers as a replacement pump to virtually all manufacturer's ice maker brands.

This 'column style' pump has an enclosed top cover over the motor to make sure water or debris cannot fall onto the motor... some makes don't and it can shorten the pump motors life.

The RIM-U features a 'low pick-up' screened intake which is really what you require for the lowest water cycle point of an ice maker.  Thermal Protection.

Many installers prefer to use a 'compact submersible' pump.

In recent years many clients have moved to the Little Giant PE Series.

Warning: If installed in the right circumstances a PE pump may work BUT... and it is a BIG BUT... the volute of the PE series pump must 'always be submerged'  Should the pump, pump air due to low level water in the ice maker's reservoir the pump will quickly overheat and fail. Submersible pumps must pump solid water... no air at all... not even for a few seconds!

If you can determine that the lowest water level of the ice maker cycle will always
cover - submerge the volute (intake) at all times... then you may try a PE pump.