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Magnetic-Drive Pumps


A pair of magnets, which form part of the impeller and motor shaft, drive these centrifugal pumps.  The magnet housing separates the pump chamber and motor shaft.  This seal-less pump design eliminates conventional mechanical shaft seals because the motor shaft magnetically drives the impeller magnet by transmitting torque through the magnet housing.

This combined coupling torque of the two magnet bodies provide sufficient power to move a wide range of liquids including many high-density liquids.

We stock a good selection of the extensive Little Giant Magnetic-Drive pump range.

However, if we don't have the Little Giant magnetic-drive pump you require we can bring it in for you... so contact us ASAP.

MD = Mild solutions such as those found in film prcessing and most neutral chemicals with temperatues not exceeding 66 deg C.

MD-SC = Mild to strong acides found in elctro plating applications up to 66 deg C.

MD-HC = Strong acides and alkaline solutions including sulfuric and hydrochloric acids with temperatures not exceeding 93 deg C.

HC series = also offers 'run-dry' protection.

TE in HC = 'totally enclosed'.