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Condensate 'Overflow Safety Switches - Alarm - Remote Switches

A ‘MUST HAVE’ Accessory…!

When a condensate drain pipe fills up…it is either going to back up in the pipe and overflow into the home or the work place and potentially damage a ceiling, a wall and/or flooring…

In other words…it could cost BIG DOLLARS…and TIME!

OR you can shut the air conditioning system down and avoid potential trouble and costs…

These days we can provide you with protection against the build up of algae and micro bacteria and any other nasties…by simply installing a Little Giant ‘Overflow Safety Switch’

The ‘Overflow Safety Switch’ can send a 24v signal to the air handler (and compressor) to close down…avoiding overflow and the costs!

We have the ACS-4 and ACS-5 for your clients’ property protection …plus we have the ACS-2 overflow safety switch for drain pan use…and the HW-9 with an 85 decibel sound alarm warning against possible overflow.

The costs are so small…for such protection

…at least suggest the use to your clients for every ones peace of mind.