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Refrigeration Pumps

Simplicity of design and installation make these Aspen pumps  a complete pumping solution to meet the growing demand for reliable, versatile condensate removal pumps within the retail refrigeration industry.

So easy to install... the pumps are designed to be installed underneath 'island' refrigeration units to collect condensate during the defrost cycle, where direct drainage is not available.

The pumps are triggered by a hall-effect float/sensor and will discharge the water to a high lift (depending on pump model) to your drainage point.

You do not require a check valve with either... as both models have an inbuilt function to stop siphoning occurring.

As environmental concerns grow over the use of energy within the retail business sector the use of energy inefficient evaporator/condensate trays is starting to raise questions.

An alternative... the Aspen refrigeration pumps offer a lower carbon cost effective saving.