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100 Deg C Hot Water Pumps

We stock 3 models of Hot water 'gravity fed' (pan type) condensate pumps manufactured especially to handle hot water boiling water to 100 deg C.

One other important point... if a humidifier is being connected...a humidifier can dump its load in a hurry.

So it is a wise move to use a brass check valve...to avoid siphoning back and overflow.  We have the perfect check valve in stock...for both the 4 litre FP2092 Hot Water model and for the PH-3-8L-HW pumps.

The 5 litre (FP2132) has 2 check valves built into the pump.

IMPORTANT: Never use clear tubing with hot water... always use either reinforced hot water tube or copper pipe.

We carry the hot water reinforced tube in stock.