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Suction Lift Pumps

Use when you have no space under the wall split for the more widely used  gravity fed pumps

The most commonly used 'suction lift' pumps have been the piston motor makes such as the Aspen models.

However in the 1990's a change started to emerge with the arrival of the 'peristaltic' suction lift models from Little Giant that are dead silent running.

In 2003, Charles Austen developed the new 'rotary diaphragm' to advance the suction lift condensate pump to a new level with Blue Diamond and Maxi Blue... the silent running pumps.

'Suction Lift' pumps often get bad press... but if you stay with the best well known makes and avoid the lesser quality... and if you select the right pump for the conditions of use... one of our pumps will do your job... with confidence!

Critical Points: (1) kW of air handler (2) Head required (3) Horizontal run (4) Ups and downs and curves in the tube line. (5) Clean environment...airborne particles can be tough on some small suction lift pumps.  If you are selecting a piston motor pump...they have a filter so you will need to clean at least once a season...and others dont require a filter and can take airborne particles. Air borne particles such as in e.g: restaurants, retirement homes, clothing stores, carpet flooring... etc

Of course if you have any questions... just give us a call and give clear details of your installation and we will suggest the best pump for your job... it's that easy!

Play it safe:  ***  1 kW of air handler = 1 Litre Condensate (in our humid summer conditions)  ***

NOTE: Our Harsher Humidity
We test all pumps and with each model we give our 'test run' results on flow rate of the model (also included with each pump purchased)... this will be very different to what the pump maker states.

We strongly suggest you use our 'test results' for Australia wide use.