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Welcome to Pumpmates Australasia

It's nice to have you visit us...

QUALITY in manufacture and RELIABILITY in performance are what we stand for with the pumps we import and sell... as with all the other products we carry.

We test everything we sell... it is only the products that give us confidence to offer to you that make it into our showroom.

Of course, pumps are our main area... and we cover condensate pumps for air conditioning and refrigeration... with the widest range of models to fit almost every possible situation.

We have submersible sump pumps and tank pressure pumps from Italy... so ruggedly reliable and used by so many small garden and backyard vegetable growers in Sydney.

Pond pumps for 'spillways' and for 'water features'... after all we do have in our business the most stunning bold and unique hand crafted ceramic pot water features... under the name of S'Wonderful.

Take a look at www.swonderful.com.au

Plus, we stock pumps for ice makers, evaporative coolers, dual purpose submersible & in-line pumps for industrial use, magnetic-drive pumps for alkaline and acid transfer.

HOT water to 100 deg C condensate pumps... and slide-under commercial refrigeration pumps.

If you ever look at making a natural rock waterfall or pond using rocks...

Then to hold all in place you really must use a sealant called “ROCKIN FOAM”... it is simply the best there is.

If you want to have a stunning water feature using an in-ground reservoir (not visible) with cascading water disappearing through the surface pebbles... the most sturdy and strongest reservoirs that can take weights of up to 1200 kgs... yet still be light and manageable... these are only found right here... Pumpmates and S'Wonderful.

We carry the Little Giant 'biological waterfall with filter' as one simple to install unit... we have pre-filter trays for small ponds and reservoirs... valve kits to automatically keep your water level at the right height... install and forget!

GRC reservoirs in round or square... or made to order... as well as pump housings and risers.

So get yourself comfy... come in and check out what goes on here at Pumpmates Australasia.